EFEYACHT firm aims to be an effective solution in a short time within high quality standards with its professional technical team for needs of sea lovers and continuing its activities related to yacht technical service topics.

With the end of the season, there are periodic maintenance that should be done on all yachts in general. These maintenance and repairs will extend the life of the boat equipment and boat, and they also will help you to make a lot of economy in the long term. If you ignore this maintenance and repair fact, the performance you will get from your boat for the next season will decrease and your boat will suffer serious damage. Do not forget that when you consider these periodic maintenance which is of great importance for your boat as an unnecessary expense it may cause great problems for you in the future.


As EFEYACHT, our services that we can provide to you as yacht technical service.




The parts of your boat in the water are open to all effects of algae, shelled mussels and various microorganisms in the sea.All kinds of creatures that occur under your boat create a friction force, limiting the maneuverability of your boat as well as reducing the cruising speed. For this reason, your boat consumes more fuel.With the antifouling paint processes we apply, our aim is to prevent the event that causes these negativities in your boat's hull.


Your boat’s painted parts on the surface of the water expose to sun and various wearouts, abrasions and superficial wounds by the other factors. For these situations, we expand your boat’s life with our dye treatment methods.


We expect you to work with us to analyze the appropriate paint according to the structure and type of the boat you own, to conclude it with antifouling paint processes, and to offer you the best quality work delivery at affordable prices.




Generally, wood is always used more or less in all boats according to their types.The deteriorations and wears in the areas where wood is used can be detected and corrected smoothly. Our firm provides the best quality service to you with yacht manufacturing from scratch, repairing rotten places that happened during the years and changing besides deck teak maintenance and repairs.




Standard cables made of tin-plated copper with two layers of insulation and multiple wires are used in the entire electrical installation of the boat. Thanks to these cables, you can use electricity in your boat safely. However, all electric circuits expose to deterioration and oxidation of the marine environment over time. We provide a solution to all of your problems in a short time by leading our expert technician friends with whom we are working to you.