Pasta Polish

Dear sea-loving captains and boat owners, our boats will enter seasonal maintenance in the spring to get rid of the dirt of the winter season.

Yacht Polish Varnish:

We meticulously maintain and renew the varnishes on the interior furniture of your boats.Have your varnishes turned yellow because of sunlight? Do not worry about that these colors will not blend in. We professionally do renew service in the same tone. You, dear owners of boats, can call us and for detailed information please contact us.  

Yacht Painting

We are happy to serve you in yacht painting with our expert staff in painting your boats that are worn out in today's sea conditions. 

Osmosis Treatment

You probably remember osmosis term from your high school years, biology lessons. If we explain it in a general way, it is a natural situation that plants use to extract water from their roots.

Antifouling Paint Scraping

Thickness occurs due to the proliferation of the antifouling layer. This thickness starts to lose its features according to its situation as time passes and visible layers occur on your boat.As a result of these layers, the contact of water with fiberglass is inevitable and it is not prevented that sea creatures adhere to the gelcoat surface and cause damage.

Gelcoat Repairing

Cracks or abrasions in the gelcoat on the surface of today's favorite fiberglass boats are sometimes inevitable. They should be repaired in a short time.

Teak Change

We are honored that we will serve you at affordable prices without professional staff for your boats by adhering to the principle of mutual trust especially for you, sea lovers, in matters such as teak replacement and cleaning, which are some of the technical service branches of our company.